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Any personal trainer, food or fitness coach, gym owner can build and grow their business online and/or offline effectively using my systems based on 20 years experience along with social media and unrivalled support.

Your Mentor

Sarah Smith

I founded The Misfit Mentor. I’m a business mentor obsessed with helping fit pros, and wellness coaches build something that matters—to them, their world, and their audience. I uniquely do this by helping them uncover their true message, self, mission, and expertise. This way, my clients can create a business that’s entirely fulfilling for them.


Sarah has a great heart!

Alison Loeliger

Sarah has a great heart and obviously cares about the people she works with. A session with Sarah clarified a lot for me, especially around mindset, and she's very knowledgable on everything about online business. Her Instagram challenge is super valuable and gives you what you need to set up your Instagram to attract potential clients, provide them with valuable content, and sell to them. Thanks, Sarah 🙌

Sarah is a natural, intuitive and straight to the point coach!

Mara Aguilar

I have got great results working with her, the most amazing is that she is able to cover more than what I was hoping to work on. I found her when looking for nutrition and exercise advice, but she has helped me hugely with my business, relationships and emotional self care, and she is right- it is all so connected! She is respectful of my time and abilities and is always there when I need extra support. I will continue working with her since there is so much to grow and discover within myself and I'm excited to see more and more great results while implementing her suggested methods and changing my habits step by step.

Sarah has brilliantly guided me...

Amanda Hudson

Less than one week with Sarah and she has brilliantly guided me through my transition to virtual coaching. I’ve successfully confirmed 7 new clients in 3 days, generating $7000! I have worked with other business coaches but like I told Sarah “she speaks my language!” I’m so happy that I chose Sarah to be my mentor and coach to help me build my business!

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